Marty & Elayne

The Dresden is proud to provide complimentary live entertainment seven nights a week. Headline talent and Dresden house band, jazz musicians Marty and Elayne, are the wellspring of the experience every Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00pm to 1:15am in the Dresden Room Lounge. Marty and Elayne have been a big part of the Dresden Room’s success over many years and continue to dazzle audiences with their tremendous enthusiasm, show biz finesse, and endearing musical vigor. The duo became inexorable associated with the Dresden Restaurant in 1982 after Dresden owner Carl Ferraro discovered them at the former Michael’s around the block. With a sometimes staccato-Sinatra voice, Marty drives his drum kit or upright bass, while Elayne with piano, synth, and/or flute if not scatting in a falsetto. It is sheer tight talent - nothing like you’ll see in their almost satirical appearance in the feature film Swingers. We are lucky to have the dynamic musical duo five nights a week - along with all the talented guest musicians/singers that accompany them.

Tuesday through Saturday starting at 9pm until 1:15am

Tuesdays: Open mic night with Marty & Elayne. Your chance to sing with one of L.A's most special performers

Wednesdays: Featured singers. Marty & Elayne's guest performers

Other Dresden Acts

Sundays: Dave Grossman - acoustic folk & rock n roll covers, 9pm - Midnight

Mondays: L.A Underground Superstars, Various local acts perform in the lounge from 9pm - Midnight

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